HTC Releases Duo Camera Sharing Feature

Now even iPad users can see the dynamic changes available within your shots if you're a HTC One M8 owner.

  I’ve said before that I really like the large aperture, depth of field shots that the HTC One M8 can deliver using its Duo camera setup. One thing about this feature has always been that the toggling and playing around with the Duo Camera setup has been limited to you on your smallish smartphone […]

How The LG G Watch Update Could Go Further

LG G Watch Update

LG have just issued an update to their G Watch, which runs on the Google Wear platform. The LG G Watch update doesn’t appear to have made any difference to the overall functionality, but rather has been deployed to change the way the exposed charging points turn on and off. See, on the G Watch, […]

A (Mock) Response to the Daily Show’s Glass Segment

Daily Show

Hi Mr Stewart, I’m Ritchie, and I’m appalled at the conduct of your reporter, Jason Jones, in his duplicitous interrogation of those young men and women fighting for their rights to be given access to the bars and entertainment venues of their choice regardless of their borg transforming, openly mockable, slightly creepy headwear. For these […]

Google Glass Firmware Update 18.11 Highlights

Google Glass Firmware Update

The last week has seen a couple of significant updates to the Glass firmware. Just a couple of hours ago Glass updated to 18.11, so let’s see what some of the new features are in the Google Glass firmware update. The first one is an experimental feature to the Google Glass firmware update that came […]

What’s in the Google Glass Bag?

Google Glass

If you’re at all interested in smartphones, and wearables, then you would probably have heard of Google Glass. In fact you might have heard of Google Glass for all the wrong reasons lately as well. A couple of weeks ago Google opened up the beta product, called the Explorer edition to the public in the […]

Blur Effect On Smartphone Comparison

Blur Comparison

I’m a big fan of creating good quality photos, especially portrait type where you can focus in on a subject and make them stand out. Of course to do that properly you need a DSLR with a good lens. But the latest batch of smartphones have been coming out with features to help you recreate […]

Netgear PR2000 Trek Travel Router

Netgear Travel Router

Netgear were kind enough to lend me one of their new “travel routers” while I happened to be travelling. What exactly is a travel router, I wondered after receiving the package, and after using it a few times, I can tell this – it’s not just one thing. The Netgear travel router has many tricks […]

The Monument Valley Game Is Amazing

Monument Valley

The other night, as I fired up my iPad and visited the App Store I noticed an intriguing game called Monument Valley. Now I had heard of this a little while back but, not being a huge gamer, it completely left my mind. But, I’m a fan of puzzle games and I really like optical […]

HTC One M8 vs Google Nexus 5

HTC One M8

  If you follow my blog and video channel at all, then you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the Nexus line of smartphones and tablets. The bloat-free, snappy interface, updates that come through quicker than any other manufacturer, and hardware that is honestly a bargain. On the other hand, I’m a declared fan […]

HTC One M8 First Look and Camera Demo

HTC One M8

I have a confession to make. I have never used a HTC smartphone. Some of my friends own one, and I’ve always kind of looked at one from a distance, but I’ve never really spent much time digging deep into any particular model. Well, today that changes, and I’m here to give you my first […]