CES 2012: Rohan Marley Talks to Us About The House of Marley

At the CES Unveiled event today in the Venetian Ballroom, one of the stands that was garnering a lot of attention was The House of Marley, all due to the presence of Rohan Marley, one of the sons of the legendary Bob Marley. As most of you may already know, The House of Marley brand offers headphones and docks in styles and designs that evoke the spirit of Bob Marley and his principles towards people and the earth.

The epitome of cool... The House of Marley have a range of headphones and docks designed and made with the earth in mind.


What you may not have known is Rohan Marley’s larger-than-life persona, and we caught Rohan in a very giving and personable mood when we approached him today. Despite doing interviews with mainstream and popular media outlets, Rohan gave us some time to talk about his philosophy, his fondness of Australia and, as you can see from the video below, shared some cheerful Marley loving of his own.

Like father, like son... Rohan Marley expounding the virtues of peace, love and sustainable audio accessories. A really nice guy.

The products that The House of Marley produce are all “giving” in some way – some are made from recycled plastic like the headphones, other products like docks are made from sustainably sourced wood, and even the bag that it comes in is made from cotton.

Although we didn’t see them on the stand, it appears that this CES will also be the launching pad for new products including watches and notebook bags. We’ll look out for them on their official booth from Tuesday on.

Beyond the quantifiable manufacturing call-outs, The House of Marley also donates 5% of its profits to 1Love.org, a charity and activist fund based on Bob Marley’s own ethos.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see such an affable personality in the midst of so many accessory and audio brands. The idea of a quality product helping quality of life for others in need is powerful, and would resonate with many people around the world today. The House of Marley has entered the market at a time when young people do seem to be thinking more about sustainability, charitable causes and buying products that say something about them and their beliefs.

Wear your cause... like Dr Dre before them, The House of Marley is another high profile music brand venturing into the consumer market.

At one point during our chat, Rohan offered to call out Ritchie’s Room on camera. That was an electrifying moment for me personally, and very humbling.

Good luck Rohan and The House of Marley, it was very cool to meet you. Here’s the video of our extraordinary encounter, including the awesome – and absolutely unique – call-out for our site:


Do you purchase products based on their environmental policies and charitable support?