Nikon D3100 Unboxing: DSLR for Dummies (Video Below)

In an earlier blog, I talked about the awesome abilities of DSLR cameras. However, just picking up a DSLR and taking good images won’t happen without a fair bit of practise and maybe even some lessons. Trial and error when using a new DSLR that has lots of settings, knobs and dials and be a little daunting, maybe even discouraging, especially if you’re not getting the results you were expecting.

DSLR manufacturers have cottoned onto this, and identified it as one reason would-be purchasers might stay away from upgrading their point and shoot. Let’s face it, on a compact camera the only real variables that you would use are flash/no flash, zoom and maybe a few other preset options. DSLR is a totally different story – it’s all about taking control of every possible aspect of a shot.

That’s why a product like the Nikon D3100 is cool – it really helps bridge the gap from being an enthusiastic photo snapper to a more considered and creative image composer. You may not understand what changing the aperture setting does, but the camera will help you decide in plain English what you want the picture to look like. Instead of random trial and error, it gives you a chance to truly experiment with settings to see how they affect the final image.

This is a great example of embedded technology bringing new people into the fold. Before the age of “firmware” and affordable digital cameras, SLR’s were a mystery understood by the chosen few. Now software on the camera itself can teach, guide and complement face-to-face lessons or advice. Innovations like this don’t make us lazier –on the contrary, they challenge us to strive for improvement, and there’s nothing like that “buzz” when you produce a picture with a wow factor.

An interesting phenomenon I have noticed is on Facebook album uploads – there are those that share their random party and social event pics, and then those that present, (with a fair amount of pride, I imagine), their crafted images from a day’s shoot. The positive comments that these images attract then spur the creation and sharing of more great images. Years ago it would have been harder to make your pic available to such a large audience, but your friends across the globe can now enjoy your creative output.

Here’s the video we produced for Bing Lee on the D3100 – enjoy!